Changing Culture in Today’s Businesses

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Brad CluteDenise HearnJanet AnnesleyNeil Camarta
Regional Sustainability and Community Investment Coordinator, Mountain Equipment Co-opHead of Business Development, Variant Perception ResearchSenior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Husky EnergyPresident and CEO, Field Upgrading
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Capitalism is the greatest system in history to lift people out of poverty and create wealth. However, our modern version of capitalism is stifling innovation and prosperity for all.
Hear from Denise Hearn on today’s challenges with competition, innovation and market freedom for all. What needs to change within the culture of today’s businesses to promote a capitalism that works for the majority, not the few? Then join Brad Clute from MEC, Janet Annesley from Husky Energy, and Neil Camarta of Field Upgrading as they respond to Denise on the changes taking place and the changes still to come.


Transforming Problems into Opportunities

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Apoorv SinhaKelcie Miller-Anderson
CEO, Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc.Founder, MycoRemedy
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The world is facing unprecedented environmental challenges.  Climate change, pollution, and environmental degradation all seem like daunting tasks.  What if we could pivot these problems into opportunities? Can we enrich the soul of the next economy by investing in technologies to accomplish this pivot? There are two visionary Alberta entrepreneurs who answer these essential questions with a resounding yes. 

Apoorv Sinha is founder of Carbon Upcycling Technologies, which is piloting a novel
process to combine carbon dioxide with hydrocarbon waste – fly ash from coal power,
raw coal, graphite, or petroleum coke from the oil sands – into a portfolio of highly useful nano-materials. CO2 no longer needs to be a dirty word.

Kelcie Miller-Anderson created MycoRemedy to deploy fungal systems to restore contaminated soil both cheaply and without toxic residues. Mother Nature now has a powerful ally to return her land in good health.

Innovation in Development

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Roman Katsnelson Abe Brown Stephanie Jackman
Principal & Consultant, KRD Consulting GroupExecutive Director, Inn from the ColdFounder & Board Chair, REAP Business Association
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Development is defined as the process of economic and social transformation that is based on complex cultural and environmental factors and their interactions. Better communities often emerge and develop due to collaborative initiatives and innovative solutions. Our presenters will share some innovative ideas that leverage Collaboration, Integration of Social and Market Approaches, and Impact Evaluation.

Abe Brown is leading a collaborative for ending child and family homelessness, and will share some ground-breaking work Inn from the Cold is currently doing in support of ending child and family homelessness.

Stephanie Jackman will share her experience of innovative adaptation of procurement processes which offers new levers for creating an economy that works for all.

Roman Katsnelson will speak about how social economic organizations – whether private, public or third sector – work in contexts of complexity, where strategies have to be adaptive and impact is emergent. Responsive evaluation approaches that go beyond the bottom-line help to learn from the impact the organizations are making.

A Dish, a Spoon and the Soul of the Next Economy

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Robert Watts
VP Indigenous Relations, Nuclear Waste Management Organization
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Within the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) set of 94 recommendations released in their 2015 report, Recommendation 92 called for the business community to engage in meaningful consultation with Indigenous people, long-term sustainable economic development partnerships, and education for managers and staff on the history of Indigenous people, intercultural competency, human rights, and anti-racism.
How can business meaningfully engage with indigenous communities and businesses? How might partnerships be established that bring lasting value to all parties?

Bob will focus on lessons learned from projects in Canada, and propose some ways of thinking and interacting based on Indigenous thought and other best practices which may inform the ingredients for the foundation of the next economy.

Sustainable Development Goals for All

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Steve Rickard Yvonne Jeffery Mel Wilson Ed Temple
Former District Governor, Former RAGM President, Rotary 5360Manager, Communications, Community Investment & Sustainability Vermilion Energy Inc.President,
M.J. Wilson & Associates Inc.
Associate Partner,
Tricon Solutions
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After several years in the making, the United Nations released Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015. Since then many governments, not for profits, businesses, and academic institutions around the world have begun collaborating and working on plans to achieve the goals by 2030.

In this session our panellists will talk about how Canadian businesses and other organizations can align their sustainability strategies with the SDGs. We will also discuss how the SDGs provide a common vocabulary across sectors, opening up opportunities for collaboration between players in different sectors. Finally, we will discuss opportunities for local sustainability and CSR practitioners to get involved in making the SDGs a reality.

Panellists will include Steve Rickard of Rotary, Yvonne Jeffery of Vermilion Energy, and Mel Wilson of MJ Wilson Inc. Ed Temple of Tricon Solutions will be the session moderator.

Community Innovation Challenge

(formerly Lion’s Den)