Roman Katsnelson will speak about how social economic organizations – whether private, public or third sector – work in contexts of complexity, and where strategies have to be adaptive and impact is emergent. CSR efforts and non-profit programs alike need responsive evaluation approaches that go beyond the bottom-line to help them learn from the impact they’re making.

As a founder of KRD, an Organizational Development consultancy in Calgary, Roman has provided collective efficacy supports to clients in the non-profit, public and private sectors for over 10 years. Prior to consulting, he held senior leadership positions in the IT, education, human services and community development sectors across the United States and Canada. Roman earned a summa cum laude degree in Philosophy in his 20s, and an MBA in Community Economic Development in his 30s. He is fascinated by the richness of what we humans get up to, and loves consulting work for the opportunity it affords him to put his skills in service of a diversity of missions and ideas. Roman is a student of Servant Leadership, Dialogic Organizational Development, and Learning-focused Evaluation. His commitment is to using collective learning to achieve transformation through every project.