A Spotlight on a B Corps

The Soul of the Next Economy continues to encourage companies to integrate social responsibility throughout their entire organisations and one way of doing this is through the certified B Corp movement.

What are B Corps?
B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
Why do B Corps matter?
The vision is simple yet ambitious: people using business as a force for good.
Why become a B Corp?
Lead a movement, differentiate from pretenders, generate press, attract and engage talent.

We asked Forum partner, BDC, to highlight a B Corp client that is making a difference in their industry. They introduced us to Beau’s All Natural Brewing who is changing the brewing industry in Ontario. Since their inception in 2006, this family run and employee owned craft brewery has been winning awards for brewing, packaging and business practices, all while supporting the communities they work in. Read more… 

Business with Purpose 
an interview with Vern Albush, Director of CSR at Servus

Servus Credit Union took business with purpose to a whole new level as they reshaped their mission over the last year. Servus is now doing business with a “noble purpose”, described by author Lisa Earle Mcleod as a purpose that is both aspirational and practical.

Servus has strived to “do more” since its inception in 2008 from the merger of three credit unions. In 2009, Servus adopted as set of values driven by employees. In 2010, the vision to “build a better world one member at a time” was adopted. The vision and original mission statement served them well but the mission statement lacked connection to the vision.  In 2012, they launched their  formal social responsibility strategy. Read more…

EconoUS 2017

In the bigger picture or the why of community economic development, we know communities can have much more impact in shaping their destiny by collaborating and supporting entrepreneurial solutions to build services and address community-based challenges. At the conference level, this sense of community or collaborative effort toward a common purpose has unfolded between Thrive, Calgary Economic Development, REAP, The Institute for Community Prosperity, The Calgary Regional Partnership and Momentum who are the local partner hosts for the national conference supporting the Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet). Read more… 


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We will be featuring some of these change & collaboration experiences at Soul Forum 2017!

Better Business – What did you change over the last year in your business – business practice, mission, employee related etc.?

Collaboration – How are you collaborating in a new or improved way with other organisations to engage in sustainable business oriented solutions to social/development issues?

Results – Can you articulate economic/environment/social oriented results related to ongoing better business practices or collaboration efforts?

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