Better Business Profiles


Are you doing business like a Canadian? If you are a sponsor, promoter, round table host, presenter or past attender of the Soul Forum, we want to hear your story. We are helping CBSR (Canadian Business for Social Responsibility) find companies that are indeed doing business like a Canadian. Listen to Leor Rotchild’s Walrus talk where he encourages entrepreneurs to do business with Canadian business values in mind. The values proposed by CBSR are: being purpose-driven, ethical, globally-minded, innovative, collaborative, inclusive, gender-balanced, and eco-conscious. How about your business?

Send us your story on one of the following:

  • What did you change over the last year in your business – business practice, mission, employee related etc.?
  • How is your company seeking to “innovate for all” (this year’s Forum theme)?
  • What do you think it means to do business like a Canadian and how is your company carrying this out?

We will be featuring some of these stories at the Executive Roundtable at Soul Forum 2018!



Better Society Profiles

Are you a non-profit organization or initiative that is doing something innovative, collaborative or CSR focused? If you are a past exhibitor or presenter, or you have been invited to contribute by the Soul Forum planning committee, we want to hear your story.

Send us your story on one of the following:

  • How is your organization is seeking to “innovate for good”? This needs to be a new approach or initiative.
  • How is your organization collaborating with other sectors, in particular the business sector?

We will be featuring some of these better society profiles at the Soul Forum. In order to be featured, at least one individual from your organization must register for the Forum. Featured organizations will:

  • Be featured on social media prior to the Forum
  • Have a short mention in Forum program with a link to their blog
  • Be mentioned at a session if applicable
  • Be featured on pre-plenary and atrium slides
  • Have a small (non-staffed) display section on the Better Society Profiles table – room for 1-2 brochures and letter-size stand-up banner



How to Submit

  • Blogs should be well-written, 300-500 words, and include 2-3 images. We may make slights edits but will not change the intended meaning of what you provide.
  • You are also welcome to do a shorter summary of an article that exists elsewhere (and then link to it).
  • Please include a short company/organization profile – 2-3 sentences – along with your website and logo.
  • Optional – you can include a short bio of the author – 2-3 sentences – role within your organization and head shot.

Please send your stories to Feel free to email us if you want to talk about your idea first. We will post all blogs that meet the criteria!