Where are they now?

The 2017 Soul of the Next Economy Forum had some incredible learnings and outcomes. One of the winners of the Lion’s Den Social Innovation Challenge was Lino, who started a project to identify the lack Read more…

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Looking forward: 10 ways organizations can incorporate CSR, and 5 points of caution

A review of the 2017 Executive Roundtable Session. The third and final round of the Executive Roundtable focused on what organizations are planning to do, in the coming year, in the area of CSR. 10 Read more…

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People First: 6 ways companies can integrate responsible business practices

A review of the 2017 Executive Roundtable Session. The second round focused on the work environment, technology, and collaboration. Corporate Social Responsibility is so much more than companies giving money and support non-profits. Companies have Read more…

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Shifting the Conversation: 5 examples

A review of the 2017 Executive Roundtable Session. In the first round, we discussed ways that organizations have shifted the discussion of CSR to include sustainable business in social innovation, as well discussing changing practices Read more…

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A Spotlight on B Corps

The Soul of the Next Economy continues to encourage companies to integrate social responsibility throughout their entire organisations and one way of doing this is through the certified B Corp movement.

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Business with Purpose

Servus Credit Union took business with purpose to a whole new level as they reshaped their mission over the last year. Servus is now doing business with a “noble purpose”, described by author Lisa Earle Mcleod as a purpose that is both aspirational and practical.

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EconoUS 2017

In the bigger picture or the why of community economic development, we know communities can have much more impact in shaping their destiny by collaborating and supporting entrepreneurial solutions to build services and address community-based challenges. 

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Want to Speak?

Interested in being a part of the conversation at the Forum? Want to lead a session or speak at our keynote? Send us your details and we will be sure to get in touch!

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Looking for Testimonials & Stories

If you would like to share your experiences with the Soul of the Next Economy and be featured on our website and social media channels. Send us an email at info@nexteconomyforum.com 

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What is your business or organization doing differently this year? Want to be featured on our blog? Email admin@nexteconomyforum.com with your story on one of the following and we may post your story.
We will be featuring some of these change & collaboration experiences at Soul Forum 2018!

Better Business – What did you change over the last year in your business – business practice, mission, employee related etc.?

Collaboration – How are you collaborating in a new or improved way with other organisations to engage in sustainable business oriented solutions to social/development issues?

Results – Can you articulate economic/environment/social oriented results related to ongoing better business practices or collaboration efforts?

Get connected: