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The Soul of the Next Economy Forum is where business, the non-profit sector, government, and educational institutions converge to change the way we do business and impact society.

Fueled through innovation, collaboration, and corporate social responsibility we come together to:

  • learn about local and global social and development challenges
  • connect with peers, industry experts and other sectors addressing these challenges
  • engage in sustainable business-oriented solutions to these challenges

This is your invitation to become a part of Soul of the Next Economy Forum. Join us as a partner and to be recognized among thought-leaders and social innovators that attend this event. Align your company or organization with the Forum to provide insight, understanding, and ultimately impact the way business is done.

The Forum is an event where both employers and employees can attend expecting to be challenged to rethink their approach to traditional business practices and then encouraged to continue that conversation in their various workplaces.

Why Sponsor?

The success and impact of the Forum depends on the generous support of individuals, businesses and organizations. We invite your organization to join us in hosting this Forum through a number of partnership opportunities – sponsorship, in-kind opportunities, executive roundtable sponsors, and advertising.This is an opportunity for your company or organization to stand out and be remembered as a leader in social impact and social innovation.Our partners and sponsors are a part of shaping what this conference is. It’s an opportunity to invest in reaching a targeted audience and contribute to the tangible outcomes and impact of the Forum and delegates.

A company or organization can use this conference to:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Position yourself as a thought-leader and champion of better business, inspiring others to take action and change the way we do business
  • Educated a targeted audience in a relevant product or service offered
  • Connect with other like-minded people
  • Discover new ways of thinking about better business practices
  • Contribute to innovative research and ideas
  • Host current and prospective clients at a discounted rate

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact

Download the Sponsorship Package

Community Partners – $10,000 +  (2 available)

As a Community Partner, you will have a key presence at the Forum and will be invited to take a lead role in structuring the event and at the event. The package is customized to suit your needs and desired outcomes, and features prominent recognition of your company or organization throughout the Forum, program book, and other marketing channels. This is a true opportunity to be seen as a champion for better business and a better society.

Community Partners receive everything included in an “Associate” level sponsorship, as well as:

  • 8 Complimentary Tickets to the Forum
  • Prominent placement of logo on website and in marketing materials
  • Verbal recognition at opening and closing of the Forum
  • Prominent placement of company banners at Forum
  • Opportunity to make a statement at the Forum
  • Full-page advertisement in Forum program

The package is fully customized to the partner to provide mutually beneficial value for the partner and Forum attendees.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Directly engage before the Forum! All sponsors are invited to our advisory sessions where we bring together the hosts, planning committee and thought leaders to help shape and promote the Forum. All sponsors are also given the opportunity to propose panel speakers and roundtable hosts. ASSOCIATE $5,000 PATRON $3,500 FRIEND $2,000
  • Logo on Forum website (recognizing sponsorship level)
  • Monthly social media mentions (more if you provide content)
  • Logo in marketing materials (recognizing sponsorship level)
  • Pre-event blog article (we feature your content)
Directly engage at the Forum! All sponsors are given the opportunity to feature responsible business practices or collaboration/ innovation efforts during special segments. Sponsors are also invited to lead table discussions at the Forum cafe over lunch. ASSOCIATE $5,000 PATRON $3,500

FRIEND $2,000

  • Complimentary tickets to the Forum
8 6 4
  • Logo on screens during Forum (recognizing sponsorship level)
  • Advertisement in Program Notebook
Half-page Business card Business card
  • Article in the Forum program book (what do you want to share with the Forum audience?)
  • Table space to display materials
  • Verbal recognition at a plenary session
Directly engage after the Forum! If an action item or initiative comes out of the Forum that your organization wants to promote or lead, we will connect you to Forum attendees. ASSOCIATE $5,000 PATRON $3,500 FRIEND $2,000
  • Post-event recognition on Forum website (recognizing sponsorship level)
  • Social media mentions (more if you provide content)
  • Logo in post-event video (recognizing sponsorship level)

Executive Roundtable Supporter – $600 (Limited availability)

Executive Roundtable Supporter

Our Executive Roundtable is a cornerstone event at Soul of the Next Economy Forum. Sponsor one of the tables and be at the center of engaging and thought-provoking conversations with industry leaders.

  • Logo placed at the center of a table during the Executive Roundtable event
  • Name listed in the program book, recognized as an Executive Roundtable Sponsor
  • 4 complimentary tickets to the Forum
  • Special group rate for additional tickets

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Reception Event Sponsor

Be the presenting sponsor of the Reception event on the first day of the Forum. Your company/ organization name will be included in the naming of this event, which follows the Executive Roundtable.

Estimated Value: $4,000


Forum Lunch Sponsor

Food always plays a big role at any social event and provides a great way to showcase your business. We can tailor the benefits to your needs, but could include tent cards on the lunch tables with your company name and/or logo, or visual and verbal recognition during lunch. Your company/ organization name will also be included in the naming of this lunch.

Estimated Value: $7,500

Keynote Speakers (2 available)

Your organization could sponsor one or more of the speakers by assisting with the cost or provision of travel and accommodations.

Estimated Value Per Speaker: $2,000 – $5,000

Download the Sponsorship Package

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