2015 Forum Interviews

Q & A video with Suzanne West from Imaginea Energy

Randy Poon

An interview with Randy Poon, Associate Business Professor and Chair of the Business Program at Ambrose University.

“The traditional view of business in a capitalist economy has focused primarily on the Invisible Hand, letting the market do as the market does, all the while forgetting that Smith also emphasized the importance of a Virtuous Arm, a sense of value and virtue, to guide how business operates.” Click here to read the full interview.


An interview with Trevor Haynes, President and CEO of Black Diamond Group:Haynes Trevor1

Corporate Social Responsibility is about “corporations and communities understanding that, to thrive in today’s economy and the economy of tomorrow, it is in the self-interest of business to embrace corporate responsibility and ultimately more closely reflect the values of those communities we serve. It is not contradictory to the profit motive – it may very well be imperative for success.” Click here to read the full interview.


An interview with Paul Gomes, managing director and co-founder of the Fig Tree Foundation:

At the core of it, Gomes understands that every business is made up of people and he believes that people have an innate desire to help others. As a result, he believes that… at its core, business operation is not just about the bottom line, but what brings meaning to the lives of those involved in that business. Business is thus an existing structure that people are able to expand and use to further their desire to help others and make the world a better place. Click here to read the full interview and learn how the soul of the next economy is changing the face of business.

An interview with Franco Savoia, executive director of Vibrant Communities Calgary:

Savoia believes that the Forum is an event both employers and employees can attend expecting to be challenged to rethink their approach to traditional business practices and then encouraged to continue that conversation in their various workplaces. Click here to read the full interview.

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