Join us on Saturday for a wide variety of interactive sessions. Topics will include: CSR in an economic downturn, exploring the government’s role in CSR and social development, the social enterprise continuum, conscious compensation, engaging indigenous communities, international development, collaboration with faith communities, and more!

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Session pre-registration for Soul of the Next Economy Forum 2015 has now closed. If you have not pre-registered for your break-out sessions on Saturday, you will be invited to attend the break-out sessions that are still open.  Thank you and see you on Friday!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Business for the Common Good: Practical Ways to Live out Your ValuesBernieWillock
Bernie Willock is the President and CEO for Food for the Hungry Canada. Food for the Hungry is committed to an integrated, holistic approach to development including priorities such as agriculture, education, health and gender equality. Prior to Bernie's role with Food for the Hungry, his business leadership experience spanned various fields including hospitality, land development/construction and owning and managing the first La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries stores in B.C. Learn how Bernie lived out his values as a La-Z-Boy owner and how he now works with other businesses seeking to live out their values through partnerships with organizations like Food for the Hungry.
Sustainability Defined: The Foundation of a Purpose-Driven Organizational Culture
Conscious Brands will introduce you to a scientific, principled definition of sustainability and practice and illustrate how that definition can be practically used to strategically move your organization towards sustainability. The power of having a common definition of sustainability as a foundational element of a purpose-driven organizational culture will be explored, highlighting successful examples with recommendations from Conscious Brands for participants to act on after the Forum.
Rob Sinclair Conscious BrandsRob Sinclair is the founder of Conscious Brands and uses his passion to help businesses grow and thrive by showing them the inherent value of taking their economic, human and natural capital into account, and working with all of those resources. He believes that there can’t be sustainability without collaboration, and there can’t be culture without community.
Matt MayerMatt Mayer is a sustainability enthusiast who takes a particular interest in how organizations can become more conscious. He has helped small and larger organizations envision and take action on how they can thrive in increasingly complex and increasingly challenging situations.
CSR in a Downturn
Is corporate social responsibility sustainable when the price of oil drops below $50? Hear from Calgary business leaders on the challenges and the possibilities in continuing to be a good corporate citizen during tough times.
FrancoSavoiaThis panel will be moderated by Franco Savoia, Executive Director of Vibrant Communities Calgary and Non-Governmental Co-Chair of the Alberta Inter Agency Council on Homelessness. Mr. Savoia has had a 43-year career in the YMCA and was CEO for 25 of those years in 4 cities. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Windsor, a Masters of Divinity from the University of Toronto and a Master of Management from McGill University. He has been a Rotarian for 22 years. Committed to his own health, he begins each day with a workout.
Cathy GloverCathy Glover is the Director of Community Investment at Suncor Energy, developing community investment strategy for both Suncor Energy and Suncor Energy Foundation. Cathy works closely with groups and individuals who are impacted by Suncor's operations to build positive, long-term relationships that encourage collective action and lead to the development of sustainable and resilient communities through social innovation. Suncor was recognized for its exemplary social performance at CAPP's 2013 Responsible Canadian Energy Awards.
James BoettcherJames Boettcher is the Chief Idea Officer and founder of Fiasco Gelato where they are constantly ‘enriching people’s lives, one scoop at a time’. He has been running this business since 2008 and has been recognized in the top 40 under 40 and was the 2014 Small Business Week Breakout Business of the Year.
B_Edgelow[1]Bruce Edgelow is the VP of Strategic Initiatives of ATB Corporate Financial Services. For the past 12 years, Bruce was responsible for helping to build ATB Financial's Energy business and capabilities. His team consists of industry specialists in all aspects of the energy industry, including: drilling and service, pipelines, utilities, midstream, exploration and production and alternative energy. With over 43 years of banking experience with a focus on lending to the oil and gas industry, Bruce has most recently stepped into a new role to head up strategic initiatives and expand ATB Corporate Financial Services community involvement.
Final panel member to be confirmed.
Bridging the gap between CSR and CSV – A discussion on creating Mutually Beneficial Development Partnerships (MBDP) between the Canadian Private Sector & International Development
This session seeks to foster a discussion about the essence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Creating Shared Value (CSV) and bridging the gap in between through the creation of Mutually Beneficial Development Partnerships (MBDP), which bring together companies here in Canada with opportunities in developing countries.
Sarah Skett Profile Pic With over 30 years of international development work between them, Dr. Sarah Skett and Mr. Corin Chater founded The Anvita Group Inc. in 2014, a consulting firm which bridges and builds sustainable multi-sector initiatives and partnerships with developing communities, domestic and international governments, academia, industry, NGOs, and international multilateral organizations. Corin Chater Profile Pic Anvita Group consultants have provided strategic design recommendations for, and assessments of, multi-million dollar socio-economic programs/projects and organizations implemented by a range of actors such as DFATD, DFID, UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, World Bank, EU, OAS, Red Cross, NGOs, MasterCard Foundation, Shell, and Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.
Conscious Compensation
This session will explore some of the current hot topics in compensation - minimum wage, living wage, paid sick days, CEO pay caps, pay transparency, family-friendly workplaces, team incentives - in the context of a comprehensive model of Conscious Compensation®, a framework for developing employee pay programs that support the tenets of a multi-stakeholder model of impact capitalism and corporate social responsibility. We will discuss the twelve emerging principles of Conscious Compensation® and examples of each currently being used in North American companies. Visit their website for details on these principles and examples of each currently being used in North American companies.  
Whittlesey PhotoFred Whittlesey, the creator of Conscious Compensation®, is the founding President of Compensation Venture Group, SPC (CVG), a West Coast consulting firm specializing in compensation strategy, executive and employee compensation, incentive compensation, and equity-based compensation. Fred has leadership roles in a number of other not-for-profits and professional organizations and is an Adjunct Professor at Seattle Pacific University’s Graduate School of Business. He received his MBA with distinction from UCLA’s Anderson School and holds the CEP, CCP, and CECP certifications.
JE HeadshotVibrant Community Calgary's Janet Eremenko will also speak on making a living wage in Calgary. After several years in the private sector working in Human Resources and Employee Relations, Janet moved to the non-profit sector, and has been with Vibrant Communities Calgary since August 2010. Janet’s portfolio includes guiding the development of a municipal plan to increase the accessibility, affordability and quality of childcare in Calgary, raising the profile of Calgary’s Living Wage and VCC’s Living Wage Leader Program, and looking at innovative market-driven solutions that address the root causes of poverty.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Continuum
What is a social enterprise? Can it be for profit? Does it directly address a social need? Local social enterprise leaders will share on their forms of social enterprise.
ProfileThis Panel will be moderated by Jill Andres. Jill is the founder of Creating Value Inc, a social purpose consultancy that works with organizations to achieve greater social impact. She is also on the team at MRU's Institute for Community Prosperity as Changemaker in Residence, helping to create a campus-wide culture of "changemaking" that prepares students from across disciplines to create positive social, cultural and ecological change in the local and global community.
Andrew photoIn 2005 both Andrew and Tracey Bitcon left their 20+ year careers (Andrew as a Business Consultant, Tracey as a Figure Skating Coach) to start Bubbles Car Wash Calgary as a social enterprise. The company is a for-profit organization with a mandate to provide employment, mentoring, and advocacy for deserving members of the community. Andrew will be speaking from his experience running a social enterprise.
TEWTracey Wood is the co-founder and CEO of Agents of Change Partners. She is a seasoned entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for new business models that champion profit + purpose. Agents of Change custom-matches home buyers and sellers with outstanding real estate agents and contributes 20% of the agent's commission to the non-profit organization of the client’s choice. The result is a more fulfilling real estate experience with positive social impact.
LeorRotchildLeor Rotchild is a co-founder of DIG Events. DIG (Do it Green) is a social enterprise spun out of the Calgary Folk Music Festival's multiple awarded winning Eco-Initiatives program. DIG’s signature program involves the use of waste stations with trained and friendly Environmental Educators that coach people throughout the event on how to separate their waste and limit contamination of recyclables and compostables.
SteveSteve Mix is CEO & CoFounder of , a disruptive, big data, social enterprise solving employment needs for job seekers and employers designed to recreate how employers and job seekers connect. They give back to their community by offering the services at no cost to goodwill ambassadors and through donating a portion of their profits back to the goodwill ambassadors they support.
Advancing Social Innovation
How do you turn your social innovation into an actionable project or enterprise? What are the relationships you need to move your social innovation forward?
cropped smallNatalie Pepin is the Co-Founder and CEO of EnCogito Business Solutions. Natalie shares her passion for business development to empower entrepreneurs who are trying to build a better world by making their passion their profession. In addition to her several years of academic study at Harvard University, Natalie is an experienced facilitator, trained presenter, project manager, and has run several successful businesses in her 10+ years as an entrepreneur.
KarenWhitmanKaren Whitman is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement at Alberta's Promise. Alberta's Promise connects Alberta businesses with child and youth serving agencies to make Alberta the best place to grow up as a kid. Previously, Karen was the Executive Connector for Social Venture Partners and has been a sessional lecturer at the University of Lethbridge Calgary campus in the Faculty of Management.


Indigenomics- The Case of the Missing Economy
Learn about applying indigenous economic principles to achieve sustainable, effective, and inclusive local economic development.
Carol Anne Hilton2‘Indigenomics’ is a phrase coined by Carol Anne Hilton that draws on ancient principles that have supported indigenous economies for thousands of years, and works to implement them as modern practices. Indigenomics is about understanding and exploring the Indigenous ways of being and the contrasts with modern economics and traditional systems. It outlines the characteristics of emerging ecological business models. Indigenomics is a modern expression of Indigenous existence. As we can see in Canada- the tension of this expressions plays out daily through the legal and business relationship between First Nations, government and corporations daily. Indigenomics outlines the current and historical context, the shifting influences, the continuum of thought processes and lays out the invitation to participate in a new economy that includes Indigenous ways of being.
Carol Anne Hilton, a person of Nuu chah nulth descent, is an award winning leading First Nation’s business entrepreneur with a MBA from the University of Hertfordshire, England. She has obtained a solid understanding and application of First Nation’s economic development best practices and brings extensive knowledge and experience in community development, business management, corporate relations, engagement strategies and project management. She also serves and has served on several boards.
Canadian Poverty and Collaboration
Learn about poverty in Canada and what is happening right here in Calgary. Hear from local experts on what is working and what has not worked. How can Calgary not-for-profits collaborate with Calgary businesses and other organizations to help Calgarians in need?
James McAra Calgary Food BankJames McAra is passionate about making Calgary an amazing place to live for everyone. He has been with the Calgary Food Bank since 2000 and since 2007 as CEO. Under James' leadership, the Food Bank is recognized as one of the 100 Great Places to Work in Canada and a Recommended Charity by Charity Intelligence since 2007. James also volunteers with the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations and Calgary Thrives and is a guest lecturer at Mount Royal University.
Stephen WileSteve Wile recently joined the Mustard Seed as their CEO. Prior to that, he was the President and CEO of WorldServe Ministries Canada. The Mustard Seed combats the root causes of poverty in Alberta and works to create positive, lasting change in the lives of those they serve. The Mustard Seed provides basic services (shelter, food and clothing) and support services (including employment, health and wellness, and spiritual care), as well as housing to those in need.
Microfinance and Beyond
What’s Next? Hear from a panel of industry experts on the changing face and role of microfinance and the movement towards financial inclusion for all. Does microfinance have the reach originally expected? What creative things are being done to achieve broader financial inclusion? Learn about SMEs geared towards providing employment, new types of partnerships, technology innovations and best practices.
PaulGomesThis panel will be moderated by Paul Gomes, Executive Director of Fig Tree Foundation. Fig Tree Foundation is a Calgary-based group dedicated to helping disadvantaged populations around the world by fostering collaboration between and raising funds for registered international development organizations.
Picture SDR - a runner - 10 Sept 2015Steve Rickard is the Chair Emeritus for the Rotarian Action Group for Microfinance and Community Development. Rotary supports several microfinance projects around the world through key partnerships. Steve joined Rotary in 1984 and was the Calgary West Club President in 2000 and District Governor in 2005/06. Steve has spent most of his career as a real estate appraiser.
image001Dr. Bob Dickson is a Calgary family physician who has invested with and now volunteers for Oikocredit Canada. Dr. Bob also leads a project that has partnered with a village in the Peten province of NE Guatemala, co-led the anti-fluoridation campaign in Calgary, and was a senior Partner with RESULTS Canada for many years. For 40 years, Oikocredit has worked to help the world’s poor build better lives for themselves through access to credit. With that credit, a person can start or grow a business, support their family and help sustain their community. Oikocredit reaches the poor through loans and investments in microfinance institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises and cooperatives in over 70 countries around the world, and now has $1 billion in it's portfolio.
EdTempleEd Temple is an experienced non-profit operations executive and coach who serves as the Executive Pastor at Foothills Alliance Church. Ed also volunteers for Opportunity International Canada. Opportunity International provides access to savings, small business loans, insurance and training to 12 million people working their way out of poverty in the developing world. Clients in 28 countries use these financial services to expand businesses, provide for their families, create jobs for their neighbors and build a safety net for the future.
Other panel members to be confirmed.
Principles of Effective International DevelopmentEarth_GlobeThe session will be an interactive session, focusing on what international development means, what it looks like and how to engage with international partners on a journey towards change. The audience will be invited to share their thoughts during this session facilitated by the speaker. Learn from an international development expert on key principles for effective and sustainable international development. How can we do a better job of assisting our global neighbours? What are some common assumptions about international development that need to be challenged?
SaveraSavera Hayat-Dade. Savera is an international development expert, with over 20 years of experience, in senior advisory, consulting and management positions with the World Bank, USAID, Cowater Intl, International Youth Foundation. Focusing on organizational and leadership development, Savera has worked with international partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle-East. Savera has an M.Sc. in Development Studies, from London School of Economics and Political Science, and pursuing her doctoral degree with a focus on change and social constructivism. Presently, she heads the Programs and International Development unit at the University of Calgary’s International office and is also the President of the Canadian International Council’s Calgary branch.

Collaboration and Engagement

Economic Soul and Faith – Exploring the Connection
What are the roots of collaboration between economics of the common good and faith communities? What are the possibilities that are before us now for collaborations between faith, social enterprise and economic development?
Ryan HeadShotRyan Andersen was educated at Harvard, served as an assistant to the ELCIC national bishop for stewardship in public life and as a Lutheran pastor. Currently Ryan is a community organizer with the Metro Alliance for the Common Good, which seeks to bring together faith, labour, community and socially conscious business so that they can work together for the common good.
Elden WiebeDr. Elden Wiebe is Dean of LEDER School of Business at The King's University and an associate professor of management. Elden has a PhD in Organization Analysis from the University of Alberta and taught at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Halifax prior to joining King's. Elden also has seven and a half years of experience in church ministry.
The Government's Role in a Changing Environment
Ian White of CTV News will be interviewing Alberta Finance Minster Joe Ceci on this topic.
JoeCeciPrior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Ceci worked as a public policy manager with Momentum. Previous to this, he served as a city of Calgary alderman for 15 years and prior to that he worked as a community social worker. Mr. Ceci’s extensive community involvement has spanned more than 30 years and has included board roles with the Folk Festival Society of Calgary, Habitat for Humanity and Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth.
IanWhiteIan White has been with CTV Calgary since 1990 and now serves as Senior Anchor News at Noon and News at 5. Well known to Calgarians for his roles with CTV, Ian also volunteers with Betty's Run for ALS and with minor sports in Calgary.
Research Corner
Learn more about current research in the areas of CSR and social enterprise. What is changing? What are the new trends?
Hear from associate professors Dr. Randy Poon and David Iremadze from Ambrose University, Lesley Cornelisse from Mount Royal University and Dr. Elden Wiebe, Dean of LEDER School of Business at The King's University.
Randy PoonDr. Randy Poon is an Associate Professor of Business at Ambrose University and Chair of the Business Program. His research interests lie in the field of leadership and in particular, how shared leadership can help facilitate social good.
David Iremadze is an Associate Professor at Ambrose University, David Iremadzedelivering business and economics courses and serving the next generation of visionary, compassionate change-makers. In the past, David has held various executive, consulting and teaching positions in NGOs, several entrepreneurial startups and higher educational institutions in Canada, United States, France and Georgia. Currently, David is working on his PhD dissertation from St. Mary's University (Halifax, NS) examining the lived experiences of faith-inspired social entrepreneurs.
LCornelisse Cropped HeadshotLesley Cornelisse is the Program and Research Associate at the Institute for Community Prosperity and the Alberta Social Innovation Group (ABSI) Connect Policy Fellow. She has just defended her thesis, “Organizing for Social Policy Change: Child Care Policy Advocacy in Canada” to receive her MA in Political Economy from Carleton University.
Elden WiebeDr. Elden Wiebe is Dean of LEDER School of Business at The King's University and an associate professor of management. Elden has a PhD in Organization Analysis from the University of Alberta and taught at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Halifax prior to joining King's. Elden also has seven and a half years of experience in church ministry.