Join us on Saturday for your choice of workshops and sessions on topics such as sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and social enterprise, from local, Canadian and international perspectives. 

Additional information will continue to be added and you will have an opportunity to pre-register for workshops and sessions in early September.

Bonus Lunch Fast Pitch Session – Grab your lunch and then join Karen Whiteman of Social Venture Partners Calgary for a Social Innovation Fast Pitch Session.  Pre-registration required.  How to Tell your story in 3 minutes – How do you get right to the bones of what your organization is about? How do you get others to buy in?  This session will offer you a taste of the process used to help our Fast Pitch participants tell their story in 3 minutes. You will work in small groups to distill your message. 

Corporate Social Responsibility – More than just the Bottom Line

Connie Van der Byl is an Assistant Professor at Mount Royal University.

Dani Deboice is Director, Corporate Citizenship at First Calgary Financial.

Christ Cruz Telus Community Affairs. @mycispace

R.J. Hunt is the Manager of Aboriginal Relations with Black Diamond Group. @BlkDiamondGrp
CSR Panel - We now have over 20 years of CSR literature in management journals. There is a sense that CSR management theory has progressed from win-lose arguments, to win-win evidence, acknowledgement of trade-offs, and most recently to an expectation of integration of economic, environmental and social elements. At the same time, organizations are embedding CSR in their overall strategy and culture. In this session, we will review CSR theorizing and hear real life examples, cause marketing case studies and a view into how CSR is creating social change with Aboriginal communities. Come hear what’s happening and what’s next in this quickly evolving field.
Rob Sinclair is a Sustainability Generator with Conscious Brands, a founding Canadian BCorp.B Corps – BCorps are companies that have baked stakeholder-return into the DNA of their organizations. Certified BCorps are the most progressive leaders of the new economy. Learn from local BCorps, BLUPlanet Recycling, Community Natural Foods and BullFrog Energy, on why they believe that BCorps matter, what prompted their companies to certify and how it has fostered change within their companies.
Wayne Dunn is a Professor of Practice in CSR, McGill University and President and Founder, CSR Training Institute (he is also the Saturday morning keynote presenter).CSR Workshop - Pragmatic CSR: Where the Rubber Meets the Road. This session will look at some pragmatic CSR tools and frameworks developed over 20+ yeas of CSRT projects and field-work. Group work session will apply the tools and frameworks to real-life cases.
Houston Peschl is an Associate Consultant with The Prasino Group.Social Investing – An investment strategy that considers both financial return and social good. Learn more about this growing type of investment opportunity.
Chile Hidalgo is an Associate Director with the Foundation Strategy Group.Creating Shared Value – How companies can profit by solving social problems. Achieving the bottom line AND social good.

Social Enterprise – Business with a Social Purpose

Howard Wienstein is the Co-Founder of Solar Ear.Model for Social Business – An inspiring example of how a social business co-founded by 10 young adults who are deaf in rural Africa revolutionized the traditional global hearing aid industry. Explore "bottom-up" innovation, the 3- dimensions workings of a social sustainable business, as well the importance of replicating ones outcomes and impacts, not just activities. Everything is possible, will become a reoccurring theme.
Ambrose University Enactus ClubAspiring Social Entrepreneurs – Students have been given an opportunity to create a breakout session of their own choosing focused on why social entrepreneurship is important in the world today. This session will be made up of a panel discussion with an interactive component dealing with hard questions and the integration of social entrepreneurs into the business world.
Kevin Davies is a social entrepreneur and the founder of Green Start and co-founder of Hop Compost.

Houston Peschl is a university instructor and social entreprenuer.

Kara Lilly is an investment strategist at Mawer Investment Management.

Stephanie Jackman is the founder and president of REAP Business Association.
Social Enterprise Workshop – How to build a mission-driven business: The case of Hop Compost. If you have an interest in using business as an instrument of change, a concept for a new venture, or are looking to take your start up to the next level, this workshop is for you. Through an interactive and collaborative format, four speakers will share their perspectives on the creation of Hop Compost. Attendees will gain insight into the necessary components of a thriving business that makes an impact while making a profit. Starting or growing your social enterprise - learn from local experts and social businesses.

Kevin Davies will share his vision for change. Houston Peschl will share about maximizing available assets and leveraging business knowledge to build a better business plan. Kara Lilly will talk about new approaches to funding, making decisions in an uncertain environment, and overcoming bias and delusion. Stephanie Jackman will talk about the role of networks in building a collaborative business for the new economy.
Sarah Arthurs is the Co-op Outreach Consultant for the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative and part of the founding membership of New Scoop, a generative news co-op in Calgary.
Co-operatives: The Majors – Understanding established co-operatives as a social business in Canada Or - why you should shop at Calgary Co-op or get your financial services from a Credit Union.
Greg O'Neill of Calgary, Alberta (moderator)Co-opreneurs Panel – What is a co-opreneur? How co-ops can and are building a better world. Greg will be leading a panel that will include Derek Cook, Calgary Co-op Development Coordinating Committee; Hazel Corcoran, Arizmendi Bakery; Lindsay Luhnau, Aging in Place Co-op and Sarah Arthurs, New Scoop.

Sustainable Development – Finding Business Oriented Solutions to Social Issues in Canada and Internationally

Christoph Schultz is the Program Director of Light Up The World.

Lynn Exton is the Managing Partner of Exton & Partners Risk, Governance & Analytics LLP.
Microfinance for Poets – What is Microfinance? Microfinance has been praised as one of the most powerful tools to alleviate poverty. It is widely supported by Canadians with many investing in organizations such as Kiva, Nobel Laureate Mohammed Yunus’ Grameen Foundation and other microfinance institutions (MFIs). This session will equip you to better understand microfinance by exploring its practices. It assumes no prior knowledge of the sector.
Derek Cook is the Executive Director of the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative.Poverty in Calgary – Working collaboratively to ensure there is enough for all.
John Rook is the Director of the Canadian Poverty Institute.Cathedral Thinking: Can we build a Canada where poverty is eliminated?
Eugene Ellmen is the National Director of OikoCredit CanadaMicrofinance and Social Enterprise – How social enterprise is extending the social impact of microfinance in the developing world.
Adam Stewart is the Vice President of Strategy and Operations for Finance for Good, a Canadian Social Impact Bond intermediarySocial Impact Bonds – Social impact bonds and their role in social sector innovation. Understanding where and how we can embrace measurement in the social sector to access new funding sources and encourage investment in our social service providers.

Stephanie Emond is Senior Manager, Business Development, FINCA International

Jamie Hubick is Director of Philanthropy with Opportunity International Canada
Microfinance & More – New approaches and new offerings in the world of international microfinance.

FINCA - Cost-effective and sustainable last-mile distribution solutions for life-saving and innovative technologies. Learn about collaboration with Rotary clubs in Alberta and in Uganda to distribute renewable energy products and provide a brighter future for Ugandans.

Opportunity International Canada - Mission Driven Buisness. Locally & globally creating compassionate communities through collaboration is about developing relationships between a community in the developing world and a business community in Canada. Microfinance is a no-brainer for businesses in Canada. Corporate cultures today are being crushed along with their employees in the pressure to produce profits. But what kind of profits and at what cost? The session will provide a lucid, insightful case for the connection between a company's triple bottom line (financial, social and spiritual) and its connection to a larger cause that is strategically aligned with its mission or purpose. It will also validate that partnerships are profitable as well as productive for both business and charity.
Daniel Lavin is a Seattle-based accountant and businessman with 20+ years experience in international developmentSustainable Development Best Practices – Historical approaches to development often result in more harm than good. Sometimes, good intentions are not enough. Can an investment approach result in improved development?
Donna McBride is the Director of Operations at MomentumUsing Community Economic Development as a Poverty Reduction Strategy – Learn about using community economic development as a poverty reduction strategy to increase propserity and inspire the development of local economies. Startegies, tools and practical examples will be shared.