The Soul of the Next Economy Forum is where business, the non-profit sector, government, and educational institutions converge to change the way we do business and impact society. Fueled through innovation, collaboration, and corporate social responsibility we come together to:


learn about local and global social and development challenges


connect with peers, industry experts and other sectors addressing these challenges


engage in sustainable business oriented solutions to these challenges


What are people saying about the Soul of the Next Economy?
Trevor Haynes

Trevor Haynes


"This is both a great opportunity for current thought leaders to connect and brainstorm, and also an incredible opportunity to give young entrepreneurs an understanding of how social responsibility can enhance the success of a business."

Leighton Healey

Leighton Healey


"Today more than ever, the best and the brightest care more about why you do what you do and how you go about the ‘doing’ than what you do. The Forum speaks directly to this important emerging theme in the marketplace – a theme that I predict is not going anywhere!"

Patti Dolan

Patti Dolan


"The concept of Corporate Sustainability has come a long way from 'feel good' community projects to more complex strategic planning for a company. CSR has become the corporate DNA; 'It’s just how we do business'."


learn about what organizations are doing differently in our ecosystem

From Scarcity to Prosperity

Eliane Ubalijoro is our Better Society Keynote Speaker. Read about her work below, and read her bio here.   “As a scientist working at the interface of research, policy and business, my work involves tackling Read more…

A Study in Contradictions

It’s fair to say that Kleos, as an organization, is not comfortable with being confined. As a charitable organization, it seeks to be involved with the business community. As an international development organization, it promotes Read more…

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